Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tool #8 - Classroom devices

Things I learned:
1.  Keep the vents on netbooks free and clear of dust and materials so the netbook does not overheat.
2.  The first time you use the netbooks, the log in time will take longer because it will need to load the student/teacher credentials.
3. iTouches can be synced together so all the apps will be connected through iCloud.

Using the devices:
I plan to manage the devices in my classroom by having a "Technician" who will take out and put away the devices in to the storage cabinet.  They will also be responsible for helping students who may need assistance with basic information.  The students will be taught the proper way to handle all the devices and they will understand the importance of following the given guidelines.

1 comment:

  1. Your students seem to do well with jobs. The librarian can always help the Technician on non-library days! :)