Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tool #11 - Reflection

I'm happy to be finished with the 11 tools. It took some time for me to sit down and finish but I did enjoy learning about all the fun interactive websites/apps/wiki's/story makers etc. As we have been using the itouches and technology in the classroom, the kids have been able to help me with some things also.  I'm always surprised at how savvy kids are with new items.   

1. favorite tools are : brainpop, wordle, story makers, google docs. I am going to use brainpop for a variety of lessons to give the kids more visuals.  

2. My vision for the classroom has changed by getting me thinking about new ways I can teach with technology and these new devices. My thinking has transformed because I will now do more learning globally versus just within my four walls.

3. I will need to continue to monitor correct procedures and guidelines for using the new devices and will want to make sure my students understand they will be held accountable for appropriate use. I will need time to explore apps and download them to my devices.  I did not encounter any surprises, but 11 tools has enforced the importance of creating and molding digital learners.

1 comment:

  1. Monitoring correct procedures and guidelines always have to be revisited. I still have to tell 3rd & 4th graders how to treat a library book! Also, with your young ones, since they are so use to seeing and being around devices, sometimes the device becomes not so special.