Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tool #9 - Tools for learning

1. We need an objective with the technology so it is relevant educationally.

2. Using technological devices in stations is just a "new way" of learning/completing the stations. We hold students accountable with the paper/pencil workstations and we need do to the same with the new technology. This will help us to assess our students on what they are learning.

3. Interactive websites I liked are the options under Learning Games for Kids.  You can have kids that are at a higher level complete activities under other grade levels. Another interactive website is glogster, where the kids can create their own interactive posters to share with classmates.

4. I liked Coin Math Free for use on the i-touches to help students recognize and give values to coins. This could be used as a math station, students will be held accountable by writing about what they did in their math journals. Another APP I liked was brainpop for science or social studies, students will be held accountable by completing the interactive quiz after viewing the video.

5. Another option for word study would be to incorporate the ipods, we liked Doodle Buddy--students could practice writing and categorizing their words for the week in a station. Apps for math facts practice would be useful. Plugging in a pair of headphones and listening to tumble books to build fluency and comprehension.

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